Studio A

My main 7×4′ animation stage gets some new concrete vinyl made by VViViD. That stage is just particle board and it saw a lot of abuse during the making of #POSERS. It was covered in neon paint and fake blood splatters, rivulets of adhesive residue, screw holes and pencil marks used to block out props and character marks. I used this same vinyl before to cover our dining room floor under the table I used to simulate two levels of Trump & Putin’s evil lair. Easy to lay down (with the backing peeled off in two-foot sections), and easy to peel off when you’re done. Affordable too!

That 48″ diameter black base is jigsawed from a 1/4″ piece of Vietnamese plywood from Home Depot. Only $17 compared to $50 for 5/8″ American plywood or $85 for 1/4″ PVC foam board. Of course I did the labor and painted it matte black with a clear lacquer coat, dodging several spring rainstorms here in SW Portland. Interestingly, that finish is still tacky enough where I don’t have to permanently glue the seven substage boxes to the base.

That 36×18″ black wire rack will be swapped out for a 48×24″ version this week. I’m just waiting on the unique three-sided base frame to arrive from a restaurant supply company in Kentucky. I hate buying anything from a red state but I didn’t really have a choice here. The rack looks like trusses on concert stages. The larger size will allow it to straddle the superstage and potentially allow the substages to animate as a planetary gear set.