Deadminster Decor

I just invested in very nice set of 1:6 scale modular panels for various Trump Bedminster interiors, including his Residence and the Pro Shop. They’re made in Canada by Alex at Victoria

There are three unique panels and four unique connectors in the Royal Panel Series. Each panel is 18″ tall and 17″ wide.

I opted for seven panels total. One panel is the fireplace and mirror centerpiece. Two panels have working double doors. And four panels are just basic walls that can accommodate paintings, lights, furniture, TVs, etc.

That gives me the flexibility to build out different rooms. For example, either three panels wide (51″) by two panels deep (34″), or five panels wide (85″) by one panel deep (17″).

Then I found an Etsy artist in London who will custom make a 9V flickering LED fireplace insert to fit the firebox, which is 5x4x2″. He’s only charging £22, but postage will be more than that thanks to Brexit.

Next, I found a pair of gaudy throne-like chairs made by VSToys, to match Trump’s tacky decor. These will frame the fireplace, in a POSERS scene in which Trump and Kushner make a $2B nuclear deal with Prince Bonesaw.

The Pro Shops in Goldfinger and at Bedminster have French doors leading to the golf course. So I’m making some. Here’s the first coat of lacquer. Unhinged, just like Trump.