Javanka’s glitter bomb is almost ready to sell to Prince Bonesaw in POSERS 9. I’m just waiting on the custom holographic “Barbenheimer” decals. The tail fin assembly was pretty difficult, since there were no slots or tabs molded in.

This is a rather costly, yet low-quality resin-molded kit sold by But it was the only such model of a nuclear bomb available. It’s 1:12 scale, which is okay for my 1:6 show since it will have to fit in various sets and vehicles, and few people actually know how big the actual nuke was that destroyed Hiroshima.

Since POSERS 9 will be a parody of Trumpworld, this called for a unique paint job. A Candy Pink base with Berry Pink trim, plus a top coat of Krylon Glitter Blast and aluminum antennas. I left the body of the bomb intentionally rough, figuring any paint might bubble due to leaking radiation.