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Javanka’s glitter bomb is almost ready to sell to Prince Bonesaw in POSERS 9. I’m just waiting on the custom holographic “Barbenheimer” decals. The tail fin assembly was pretty difficult, since there were no slots or tabs molded in.

This is a rather costly, yet low-quality resin-molded kit sold by But it was the only such model of a nuclear bomb available. It’s 1:12 scale, which is okay for my 1:6 show since it will have to fit in various sets and vehicles, and few people actually know how big the actual nuke was that destroyed Hiroshima.

Since POSERS 9 will be a parody of Trumpworld, this called for a unique paint job. A Candy Pink base with Berry Pink trim, plus a top coat of Krylon Glitter Blast and aluminum antennas. I left the body of the bomb intentionally rough, figuring any paint might bubble due to leaking radiation.

It takes a village.

I’m going to build an entire village with these miniature storefront kits and then shoot a chase scene through it with cars and guns blazing. The models are either 1:20 or 1:24 scale. They’re colorful, they have LED lights, and they would burn magnificently with some strategically-placed fireworks.

This is a 1:18 scale Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. It comes in new and damaged versions.

Deadminster Decor

I just invested in very nice set of 1:6 scale modular panels for various Trump Bedminster interiors, including his Residence and the Pro Shop. They’re made in Canada by Alex at Victoria

There are three unique panels and four unique connectors in the Royal Panel Series. Each panel is 18″ tall and 17″ wide.

I opted for seven panels total. One panel is the fireplace and mirror centerpiece. Two panels have working double doors. And four panels are just basic walls that can accommodate paintings, lights, furniture, TVs, etc.

That gives me the flexibility to build out different rooms. For example, either three panels wide (51″) by two panels deep (34″), or five panels wide (85″) by one panel deep (17″).

Then I found an Etsy artist in London who will custom make a 9V flickering LED fireplace insert to fit the firebox, which is 5x4x2″. He’s only charging £22, but postage will be more than that thanks to Brexit.

Next, I found a pair of gaudy throne-like chairs made by VSToys, to match Trump’s tacky decor. These will frame the fireplace, in a POSERS scene in which Trump and Kushner make a $2B nuclear deal with Prince Bonesaw.

The Pro Shops in Goldfinger and at Bedminster have French doors leading to the golf course. So I’m making some. Here’s the first coat of lacquer. Unhinged, just like Trump.

Bonesaw’s Jimny

Today my 1:6 scale RC Suzuki Jimny arrived. I still can’t believe I got this thing for $36. After some assembly, I applied the hood decal and started fitting things in it, including Prince Bonesaw.

I could jam him in the driver’s seat if I had to, but I’m not ready to risk breaking any pedals. And besides, the murderous Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia would probably have a dedicated driver. Someone smaller.

Meet Bonesaw’s Mini-me. At 7 inches tall he might need a little help reaching those pedals. This is the Baby Pang character from a line of whimsical animals made by the Mr.Z toy company. He’s one of the few fully articulated 1:6 scale animals out there.

He reminds me of Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp. In fact there was a Saudi Arabian villain on that 70s show called Sheikh Ali Assa Seen — also played by a chimp.

Bombs away!

Got a 1:12 scale model of a nuclear bomb, for Trump and Kushner to sell to the Saudis at Bedminster. One-off precision models like these are produced by artisans at I’ll use this as an opportunity to develop some airbrush skills.

This is a genuine golf pin flag used at the actual tournament POSERS 9 is set at. I grabbed it at auction on eBay from a British collector. I plan to use it as a 1:6 scale banner, and maybe also as a closeup on the 18th green.

Buttfinger & Handjob

Since I can’t get another 1:6 scale suit for Trump’s Worldbox AT1018 Fat Body, I’ve got to up my game. This is a $475 Auric Goldfinger figure made by Big Chief Studios in 2017. I’ll simply swap his head out for Trump’s head. Here are his specs:

And this is Goldfinger’s faithful “body man,” Oddjob — who is slightly less spendy at $311. And here are his specs:

Donald Trump’s real-life partner in espionage, Walt Nauta, also happens to be Asian (Guamanian versus Korean is close enough). So his head swap is a no-brainer too. One of Walt’s many “oddjob” talents is to move around boxes of stolen national defense documents ahead of Buttfinger’s meeting with Prince Bonesaw.

You may recall in the 1964 film Goldfinger, there was a classic golf match in which James Bond out-cheats Goldfinger and has to dodge Oddjob’s steel-rimmed bowler hat a few times. Well, you’ve already seen my version of James Bondáge in previous episodes of POSERS, so this arc just makes sense. I already own several 1:6 versions of 007.

in POSERS 9 they’ll be called Buttfinger & Handjob. And my Irish brother-in-law has agreed to voice James Bondáge again, so you know it’s gonna be a riot!

Prince Bonesaw’s Ride

In a major Amazon Prime Day coup, I scored this 1:6 scale remote control vehicle for Prince Bonesaw for only $36 — a $199 discount! The desert sand color is perfect, as is the Third World design.

I’ll slap this $2.77 Coat of Arms 3″ tall sticker on the hood.

And mount this $11.55 12″ flag in the bed.

And of course Bonesaw’s $20 Saudi-colored golf cart — for his actual golf match with Trump. No room for passengers in this Jimny. Bonesaw’s harem will have to follow on foot, dragging their own golf carts through the desert sand. Their four carts will be used to ferry stolen classified boxes from Bedminster.

I really wanted to buy this beautiful, huge and expensive 1:6 scale camel, but unfortunately it’s not at all posable. And my series is called POSERS, after all. Imagine producing a piece like that without even the most basic articulation.

Trump’s Spray Tan

To replicate this scene ahead of the LIV Golf Tournament at Bedminster, I’ve sourced the following props:

This is a $28 tent for small pets. And at about 19″ tall, it’s perfect for small ex-Presidents. I’ll make some VIP signage for it.

This $36 Airbrush station will be inside the tent. It looks fancy enough to spray a billionaire supervillain with neon orange paint, right?

And meet Trump’s trusty Makeup Artist, who is under strict NDA.