Keyboards & Synthesizers

Ronaldo has finished crafting Rick Wright’s 1:6 scale synth bay. From left to right:

  • HIWATT amplifier head (one of two)
  • Leslie 122 Cabinet Speaker for the Hammond organ (under the HIWATT)
  • Wurlitzer EP-200 Electric Piano
  • Hammond RT-3 Two-Manual Console Organ
  • Mini Moog Model D (on top of the Hammond)
  • EMS Synthi Hi-Fli Guitar Synthesizer (used by David Gilmour)
  • Fender Rhodes Piano 73 Stage
  • Synthi AKS Synthesizer (on top of the Rhodes)
  • Farfisa Combo Compact-Duo Organ
  • Binson Echorec (on top of the Farfisa)
  • EMS VCS3 Putney (on top of the baby grand piano)
  • Azimuth Co-ordinator (not pictured)
  • The pictured Steinway & Sons Baby Grand Piano is not something I commissioned. I’ll be using my own 1:6 scale Sega Grand Pianist — which actually works with animated keys, using MIDI files.

Shipping from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Portland, Oregon will cost $54 US and take 8-12 days, plus customs. All 13 pieces cost $2,044 total. And after this complete set is wired for miniature lights and then screen-used, the value can only go up!