SHOT 414

This shot was a total fuck-up because I bumped something in Shot 413. So I had to switch to a close-up instead of trying to recreate and re-align things in the previous shot. I can’t remember the circumstance because I was probably disoriented from alcohol and/or the air in my studio being saturated with vapor from my Chauvet DMX haze machine.

So, I had to cut to a close-up of Rick O’Shaw (starring my Chris Pratt head sculpt) doing a drum riff. Note the laser light pointed squarely at his forehead in this frame…

SHOT 413

We transition via a color plane effect from Vonky’s cocaine-covered table into a full blown rave taking place in the Mona Lisa hall of the Louvre.

This is a bobbing and weaving MOCO shot down a steep rail on my slider. It’s also the first shot in which you get a behind-the-scenes look at one of my sets. The silhouette of those theater lights are actually my Chauvet GigBar Move DJ light bar in full DMX blaze. DMX means the lighting is being controlled in stop-motion time by Dragonframe while I animated this most complex scene. Complex, because as you can see, there are ten puppets in this shot — all with their own back stories.


Most of Act 3 was done months ago, but I went back and incorporated an exciting new Star Trek subplot now that I own all of the available QMx 1:6 scale figures from The Original Series. Those aftermarket puppets cost me a whopping $2,269 for Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and Sulu — plus their 1:6 Captain’s Chair for $109. QMx was supposed to produce Chekhov but they never released it. No Uhura either, but I did find a special edition Barbie version of her that works for $135.

I say Uhura “works” because in the POSERS universe, it becomes apparent that there are different species of POSERS. The Phicens, the Hot Toys, the Barbies, and a few other brands — all in various stages of evolution. Look for that to become part of the story eventually.

On September 23, 2021 I received three 3D printed 1:6 scale Star Trek chairs from a fellow Trekkie in Glasgow, Scotland. They’ll look fantastic in my USS Enterprise bridge scene. They shipped via Royal Mail and arrived here in Portland faster than the USPS can get something here from San Diego. Dunno how that’s possible, given Customs and all.