Shot 903

This 184-frame shot took two days to shoot, on twos. It started off as a simple idea, but like most things in POSERS the characters take on a life of their own. I was originally going to shoot the Black Knight hopping around on the bridge, after getting his arms and legs severed by the Jeep collision, and leave it at that. So I centered my 6-foot muddy road on my cyclorama and then instead of green-screening a background, I decided to wrap some of my plastic topiary panels around it to create a ravine. To keep it in place, I drilled two screw holes into my cyclorama frame. But half way through the shot, I bumped the left side and caused it to move, unrecoverably. So the trick here, as usual, was to add something that might have caused that disturbance. And that something was King Kong, who was in mid-fight with Godzilla in Shot 902.