SHOT 516

Between wardrobe malfunctions and heckling from Amanda about her hat, Vonky cracks the red safe to extract 16 gold bars — enough to trade for the stolen Mona Lisa. Well over $11M at 400 Troy ounces per bar. Such a bargain, considering the real Mona Lisa had an insured value of $860M in 2020. The weight of Amanda’s briefcase will be around 450 pounds once filled. Because Kim Jong-un is a sadist.

SHOT 515

Vonky slides around a distracted Kim to make the payoff, but Amanda starts chiding her about her outfit.

I had painted Vonky’s nipples with the same lipstick pen as before, only darker, to best to show them off on a tanned Phicen body. That cockatoo feather you see is about to fly up and cover Vonky’s breast. This of course was never planned. It just happened organically during animation — like so many things in POSERS.

“Hmm, I’m on frame 20 of this shot and I have this feather. What can I make it do from here? Well I could make it blow onto the record player, and then bounce onto Vonky’s tit and stick for a while like she’s a can-can dancer.”

“Sounds good, let’s try it.”

SHOT 512

This shot isn’t what it seems. This is from Kim’s POV but his body isn’t even on set. The fat hands you see are merely stuck to the painting’s frame, which is lifted up via a plastic iPhone mount that is obscured underneath.

SHOT 511

Kim is ecstatic to see his latest acquisition, but he has no clue the Mona Lisa was not that fat. Because, North Korea.

I made Kim’s glasses by super-gluing my cockatoo skeleton’s actual eye socket bones onto Kim’s glasses, a la Elton John. Then I painted them with white neon paint so they would glow under UV light along with the paint splatters on his clothes.

Kim’s hat is fashioned out of Dennis Rodman’s basketball shorts, stuffed with actual sulfur-crested cockatoo feathers.

SHOT 510

This was a deceptively complex shot. I had to figure out how to spin Amanda and land her briefcase onto Kim’s table in a very limited number of frames, in such a way that the briefcase could be opened with the painting facing Kim.

Well it turns out I only had to make a 90° turn since Amanda is still on roller skates and the painting was facing the right way. There was a 50/50 chance of this, so I lucked out. Otherwise I would need to spin her 270°.

My next challenge was lighting. I didn’t have many mini key lights available (yet), so instead I animated Dennis’ cockatoo wings to spread out enough to drape behind Amanda in such as way as to provide contrast for her silhouette. Otherwise she would have blended in with the dark gray wall behind her. This also helped drive home the idea that Dennis was truly desperate for attention, if not love.

SHOT 507

Vonky has introduced Kim to an American delicacy: Pringles. This amazing prop was made by JCMiniatureShop on Etsy. I animated the chips sliding out using tweezers and little dabs of LocTite FUN-TAK. Note the plastic lid held in Kim’s right hand. Sounds effects will be added from an actual Pringles can.

SHOT 508

Dennis is transforming into a cockatoo while begging Amanda, “Won’t you be mine?”

This is done using two exposures per pose: One with Rodman’s head, and one with the cockatoo skull. Then the two exposure layers are blended together in post, in varying proportions. Did you ever see the 1980 sci-fi movie Altered States?

This was trickier than it sounds because the puppet body and its wings are inside a cage. So it helped to keep the neck joint as loose as possible. The swaps had to be done without moving Amanda and without Rodman falling on his broken leg. If either of those things happened, the pair of frames had to be reposed and reshot.