Prince Bonesaw’s Ride

In a major Amazon Prime Day coup, I scored this 1:6 scale remote control vehicle for Prince Bonesaw for only $36 — a $199 discount! The desert sand color is perfect, as is the Third World design.

I’ll slap this $2.77 Coat of Arms 3″ tall sticker on the hood.

And mount this $11.55 12″ flag in the bed.

And of course Bonesaw’s $20 Saudi-colored golf cart — for his actual golf match with Trump. No room for passengers in this Jimny. Bonesaw’s harem will have to follow on foot, dragging their own golf carts through the desert sand. Their four carts will be used to ferry stolen classified boxes from Bedminster.

I really wanted to buy this beautiful, huge and expensive 1:6 scale camel, but unfortunately it’s not at all posable. And my series is called POSERS, after all. Imagine producing a piece like that without even the most basic articulation.