Bonesaw’s Jimny

Today my 1:6 scale RC Suzuki Jimny arrived. I still can’t believe I got this thing for $36. After some assembly, I applied the hood decal and started fitting things in it, including Prince Bonesaw.

I could jam him in the driver’s seat if I had to, but I’m not ready to risk breaking any pedals. And besides, the murderous Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia would probably have a dedicated driver. Someone smaller.

Meet Bonesaw’s Mini-me. At 7 inches tall he might need a little help reaching those pedals. This is the Baby Pang character from a line of whimsical animals made by the Mr.Z toy company. He’s one of the few fully articulated 1:6 scale animals out there.

He reminds me of Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp. In fact there was a Saudi Arabian villain on that 70s show called Sheikh Ali Assa Seen — also played by a chimp.