Looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer, Principal Engineer or Mobile Architect to help you build high-quality iOS, tvOS, watchOS or macOS apps or frameworks from scratch?

Well then, you may be in luck. I have delivered 50+ unique software projects in 30+ years.

While I’m reasonably flexible, I will entertain offers that meet most of the following criteria:

  • My baseline contracting rate is $90 per hour.
  • Nobody codes on a whiteboard, so please don’t ask me to.
  • I prefer to work from home, with occasional travel.
  • I prefer to work solo or as part of a small, autonomous team.
  • I can lead your team if you need me to.
  • I will consider the social merit of your project.
  • I prefer to review any legacy code base before committing.

If you’re game, please contact me at and we can get started.

Principals or in-house recruiters only, please. Inquiries from staffing companies are generally ignored.