SHOT 510

This was a deceptively complex shot. I had to figure out how to spin Amanda and land her briefcase onto Kim’s table in a very limited number of frames, in such a way that the briefcase could be opened with the painting facing Kim.

Well it turns out I only had to make a 90° turn since Amanda is still on roller skates and the painting was facing the right way. There was a 50/50 chance of this, so I lucked out. Otherwise I would need to spin her 270°.

My next challenge was lighting. I didn’t have many mini key lights available (yet), so instead I animated Dennis’ cockatoo wings to spread out enough to drape behind Amanda in such as way as to provide contrast for her silhouette. Otherwise she would have blended in with the dark gray wall behind her. This also helped drive home the idea that Dennis was truly desperate for attention, if not love.