Bedminster Set

I started work on the animation stage for the golf scenes in POSERS 9. To fit my studio’s T-shaped animation tables and underslung MOCO system, I’m using an 8×4′ piece of OSB. That was less than $14 at Home Depot, in an age where actual plywood costs four times that. The next step was to match the curve of my 55″ monitor on the large end, and then use my 24″ turntable mirror as a template for the narrow end. Then it was jigsaw time.

To add some relief to the ground, I applied two pints of Foam Putty.

Next, after a whole can of Gorilla Glue spray, I roller-pinned, trimmed and staple-gunned the Woodland Scenics vinyl grass mat.

And here’s the result. This is the visualization phase where a scene really springs to life. This is a quick and dirty setup, with stands. I’ll have to figure out some rigging to keep some of these puppets upright during animation.

That’s my newest iteration of Trump in the foreground. I’m having trouble with my Chinese suppliers of 1:6 scale fat body suits. So I’ll have to get creative. (More on this later.) The first Trump head sculpt was pretty much destroyed by ketchup in POSERS 8. So this one is freshly molded, and without any paint or hair yet.

Likewise, Ivanka’s next costume is in flight. (She won’t be naked, sorry.) Prince Mohommed bin Bonesaw al Saud’s costume is now complete, except for his gold-framed sunglasses. His outer robe arrived today and I should have his Suzuki Jimny ride by the weekend. As you can see from this quickie pose, the possibilities are endless in terms of scripted action.

I’m very proud of Prince Bonesaw’s Burka Brigade. These costumes were made by a very talented Etsy artist. The Burkas, hijabs and niqabs (and a fourth piece whose name I forget) were very difficult to put on properly over my quartet of matching black curvy Barbies. Everything has to fit just right or it’s considered disrespectful to Islamists. Happy to tread lightly here. 😉

Flanking Trump at the podium is Secret Service Agent Travers, played by Keanu Reeves, and Trump’s Chief of Staff, fellow sexual assaulter and Tournament Director Kevin Spacey, from House of Cards.

And then of course there’s The Dude from The Big Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges. This costume was sourced separately from the original collector’s edition, and is worth around $400 on eBay now — just for five pieces of clothing. His precious rug will somehow become Prince Bonesaw’s prayer rug in POSERS 9, tying the whole scene together.