Drums Almost There

Last night I finished wiring all but one 3V piano light. They really sell the scene. Here, there are only four of them turned on in a dark room.

The only instrument left to do is the Farfisa, but I ran out of those nano LEDs until tomorrow’s delivery from eBay. Each of the seven substage platforms can have any combination of 3V, 5V or 12V lights — and they all interconnect via JST or 2-Pin soldered harnesses I made.

Meanwhile, today I finished wiring up and gluing down Patsy’s drum kit. I found a couple kettle drums left over from the rave scene in POSERS, so I made smart Pixel LED lamps out of them too. I’ll cut the translucent skins for them later, cuz I’m exhausted.

Ronaldo made those Ludwig decals for me. That’s the kit Nick Mason uses. It took four trips to Ace Hardware today to round up all the specialty hardware like 1/4” nylon and 1/2” brass grommets. Those nicely trim the holes in the substage bases which will route and hide all the wiring below decks during final assembly. Everything is glued down with either superglue, silicone adhesive or a hot glue gun. And each of those are very frustrating to work with. But it’s vitally important to glue down your set pieces when doing stop motion animation, since one fallen puppet or one bumped elbow can ruin a shot.