Prince Bonesaw

While waiting for some last minute props to arrive from Wales for Dark Side, I started work developing a new character for POSERS: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Bonesaw Al Saud

Since there are no 1:6 scale Arab sheik action figures on the market for obvious reasons, I have to kitbash one from the only suitable character available: Usama bin Laden.

It turns out the Navy SEAL who killed UbL in 2011 commissioned 911 of these figures and Senior Chief Petty Officer Robert O’Neill has been auctioning them off on eBay. So I snagged one for $229.50 with shipping.

The head sculpt and costume are very good, but the cheap body is unsuitable for stop motion animation. So I unglued the sandals and swapped the body out for my go-to Phicen M31 body that has a stainless steel armature and 31 points of articulation. That required me to cut off 3/8” of his neck with a Dremel, up to his hairline, and then drill a 3/8” hole into his skull for the steel head post to fit snugly.

The next challenge was to find suitable material for MbS’s shemagh, or head dress. The closest houndstooth pattern I could find was from an Etsy seller in Hungary. All the fabrics I could find locally weren’t the right scale nor fine enough. The scarf I received had to be carefully unstitched to make it bigger. That took about two hours because the stitching was very professional.

The UbL head had a white resin turban molded onto his skull, and it was comically too big for MbS. So to fix that, I ground it down and then routered a groove around it — all with Dremel bits.

So now, the shemagh lays flat and with two black hair scunchis stacked and snapped into that trough, the fabric is held in place securely enough to allow rough handling during animation.

He looks pretty close to the real asshole now except for the length of his face bush. I’m trying to decide whether to cut 3/8” off of that. If I do, I can use my finest Dremel bits to carve some curls back in and then match his hair color by mixing acrylic paints.

Without revealing too much about my POSERS scene, Prince Bonesaw will be visiting the LIV golf tournament at Bedminster, where he completes his $2B purchase of America’s war plans against Saudi Arabia’s arch enemy, Iran.

His props, so far, include gold-rimmed aviator style sunglasses, an actual 1:1 scale field bone saw, and a 1:6 scale golf cart full of not golf clubs, but surgical instruments. And he’ll be accompanied by a hit squad of four box-cutter wielding Barbie assassins dressed in black burkas, made by an Etsy seamstress in Virginia.