Windows & Solar Testing

Today I got the custom window order off to Jeff at in Vancouver, WA. The cost for eight identical windows is $2,200.

They’ll have a cutout dimension of 14×14″ with a 3″ corner radius and a wall depth of 3-1/4″. Nothing like this was available commercially. I went ahead and ordered a 6″ hole saw from Home Depot and will carefully mark the cutouts soon.

Because the windows are so small (more like portholes on the Space Shuttle), they’ll just be fixed, dual-pane glass that won’t have any sliders or screens. I don’t want anything to obscure the views, and I already have two vents for ventilation up top. I’ll be adding windows to the back doors and those can have traditional sliders and screens.

Today’s also the day I get enough cables, connectors and fuses to test my solar panels, charger/controller and battery bank on the front porch. Unfortunately it’s not a sunny day but that makes for a good test too. Sunday, however, should be 82° and clear.

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