Top Figgage

Today I moved my 5K iMac into the RETROvan and got to work, slinging code. Gigabit Ethernet, 65 Mbps Internet tap and a Hogan’s Heroes marathon on the Apple TV. That plus a couple bowls of Crunch Berries and I’m set.

It’s 51.1° outside and a cozy 65.3° inside, thanks to the PuraFlame “fireplace.” The humidity is 95% outside and only 54% inside, thanks to the Ivation dehumidifier.

The only thing I’m second-guessing today is my choice of coffee makers. The Nostalgia Electrics unit looks nice and retro, but I’m more of a Keurig K-Cups guy. It’s more convenience and less messy. So I’m toying with this CyberMonday deal at $30 off:

The only downside I see is that the Keurig consumes 1500W, while the retro model comes in at 1000W. And remember, my inverter tops out at 2000W while my fireplace is 1250W! Not a problem when I’m moored on the RETROpad on shore power, but something we’ll have to load-balance on trips.

Last night Olivia and I were talking about how we never see our doe and the raccoons at the same time. And then right on cue, we spotted two raccoons up in the fig tree dropping ripe figs to the ground for the doe — all right outside our bedroom and sunroom windows.

If you look closely, you can see one of the raccoons climbing down the tree trunk, face-first. Not sure whether this is coincidental behavior, or if the doe is offering protection (from us) in exchange for top figgage.

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