The Trash Man Cometh

Last night I finished the Proteus model. There are a lot of details on the inside that you can’t see anymore but it turned out pretty good.

We didn’t do much on Sunday besides send Shannon home on the bus, eat leftovers, take a nap, clean up the garage and watch football.

Tonight is trash night — The Most Wonderful Night of the Week. Because tomorrow my last round of RETROvan construction debris will be gone and I can fill those bins up again. And this week, Olivia will even get to park her car in the garage. 🙂

Next up for the RETROvan: Flooring. I’m still having second thoughts about the rubber puzzle tile, but I want to give them a try first and make sure they can be cut cleanly. My backup plan is either hardwood or industrial carpet. We’ve seen that the floor will get wet and dirty, so that’s a concern.

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