The Day After Christmas Eve

We celebrated Trump’s imaginary War on Christmas with our dear friends and neighbors.

Bob is an accomplished Jazz Photographer and a former Professor of Filmmaking. Diane is a Public Relations professional and Editor. Together they built a craftsman-style writing studio behind their house, which served as an inspiration for the RETROvan.

Here we are, Olivia and me, after discussing an interesting media project. More on that later. Meanwhile, all four RETROpods filled the air with holiday cheer.


This is a cute little retro camper sent to us by Robbie & Beni. Bob & Diane also gave us a cute little retro caravan ornament, customized with a RETROvan license plate on the back.

We had strung up some LED lights on both top shelves. The reflections remind us of the Northern Lights. We would like to see that for real someday…

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