That’s no moon.

I’ve been joking to Olivia that the RETROvan needs a disco ball for future dance parties with our friend Addie. And then I found this on Think Geek:

That’s no moon. It’s a disco ball!

Too bad it’s so big (16 inches in diameter).

And now I’m trying to figure out how to make wheel covers out of these 15″ cast aluminum 35mm film reels.

Here’s an old one I already have. The diameter nestles in there pretty nicely. My friend Dave says custom wheels would cost $1K each, so that option’s out.

Today I hung a few more things and also mounted the headrests to the walls with Velcro. The strips are 2 inches wide and 54 inches long. The first step was measuring things out and marking the top with a strip of Frog Tape. Then I stretched out the Velcro and will simply slice it at the panel edges with a utility knife. I had to use my heat gun to set the adhesive better on the vinyl, and it seemed to work.

Here’s the passenger headrest floating above the backrest cushion. The ergonomics are good. My dad had helped me find the right height, and you can still sit sideways and use the backrest as an armrest too.

Olivia is in Tampa this week, spending some time with her and family while her mother clings to life. So last night I slept in the RETROvan and watched home movies. But I may need to head east soon.

Ooh, I hear the UPS truck approaching…

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