SHOT 531

And finally, Amanda skates through the same airlock she came in. As the door drifts open, we see a layer of vapor flowing into a pile of dry ice inside the vault, with an assist from a wad of paper towel.

This scene was shot live with my iPhone 11 Pro, and then I simply played the video in reverse and slowed it down for effect. Note the lighting which I did by aiming my GigBar Move DJ lights through the bunker’s ceiling grid, as in previous shots. The scallop-shaped stain on the wall to the right of the airlock was actually caused by the dry ice. And those faintly-glowing plants are actually neon aquarium decorations that are reactive to UV light. Trippy, eh?

I think this was actually the latest night shot I did. Checking the timestamp it was 3:50 AM. But I did typically stay up later while editing.