SHOT 501

This opening MOCO shot took an enormous amount of setup. This is the first time we see the enlarged Bunker of Evil.

First, the walls are covered in printed paper panels to look like concrete.

My son 3D-printed that airlock door for me. We assembled it together and I painted it with layers of rusty, iron tones. Then I drilled a hole in the top in order to mount my small UV light inside it, shining down into the vault.

That silver locker cabinet is yet another nicely made 1:6 scale prop I found from China. If you look closely, there are several bags of desiccant and miniature junk food in the shelves on the left side. I simply gathered all the desiccant packs shipped with various props, and decided that some of the POSERS would ignore the “DO NOT EAT” warnings printed on them. The junk food chip bags were made by SummerMiniShop on Etsy.

In the foreground is a nice little wooden Tommy Bahama box that looks like a munitions crate. You can barely see a 1:6 scale gattling gun and ammunition box sitting over to the left, in the shadows. That’ll get used in a later scene.

That lava lamp is one I’ve had for a while, from Sharper Image. The challenge there was whether to composite it flowing in real time, or just let it boil with the animation. I chose the latter, to suggest that there is something super sinister about Kim Jong-un’s operation here. Hence the Evil in the Bunk of Evil.

Next there are four set pieces that are made from actual concrete. The two pyramidic planters on the right wall, a large round tray (placed upside-down, and the squarish pedestal on which my TerraMaster data center sits. And yes, I was excited to find something so perfectly sized.

Atop the supercomputer is its cooling tower, which I made from a peanut can and used to fill with dry ice for the steam effects.

Just out of frame to the left is my 1:6 scale Asteroids RepliCade made by New Wave Toys. That thing is amazing! It actually plays the game with the real graphics and sounds, and keeps high scores. The rug under it is UV-reactive, also made by the same company.

To the left, as we follow Amanda skating through the steam, there are a couple more props: Namely my Star Trek Captain’s Chair (which Dennis is sitting it at first. And a smaller round concrete platform. I wasn’t sure I wanted to use that chair in later scenes, but I think that’s a forgivable mistake since we don’t really see much of it in this shot.

All the power cables for these props are run through a small hole near the floor in the back wall.