SHOT 107

We finally get to our real establishing shot midway through the scene. I’m a rebel that way. This is a straight track across the entire exterior of the minka. Here I honor the architecture by staying plumb and true.

James is still mumbling to himself, trying to figure out how a Japanese door works. Does he knock or is there a bell? Oh wait — of course. There’s a gong!

“Dey tink of everyting, dem.”

From the POV (Point of View) of our murder hornet voyeurs, we get to savor the light, the colors and the tremors that are coursing through James’ addled brain. We see a glimpse of Sushi through the panels, and tucked in the corner is a working Buddha water fountain. He appears to be contemplating why this stranger decided to trample through a peaceful Zen garden and crush an orange starfish in his drunken stupor.

Because this is an exterior shot, and during an apparent earthquake, I vibrated those Oriental lanterns for almost every frame simply by blowing on them with varying force. I feel this lent more of an organic feel to the scene rather than just putting a fan on them.

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