One Panel Left

Today I got the starboard side corner panels installed, matching the overlap and screw patterns from the port side. Along the way, I found that the aft panel (PC4) was mis-cut (1/2″ too tall). So I’ll take it back in and have it sheared to size, along with a few others that could use an 1/8″ trim.

Here’s how that side looks so far. The other thing I noticed is that Metal Supermarkets in Portland totally ignored my instructions to cross-cut these panels to make the grain go vertical. Oh well, that will only vary the light reflections and I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

Here’s a close-up of the corner panel over the helm, with a power strip and the King powered HDTV antenna jack. There are auxiliary cable jacks on the back side, accessible though that corner cavity without taking the wall panel off. 

My replacement TV trim plate arrived from VIVO, so it’s good to go now. I also wired up the RETROvan’s Apple AirPort Extreme and Apple TV, using Ethernet supplied by the RETROpad’s mooring station. From there I scoped out the best ergonomic mounting positions for those gadgets, as well as the Rover Solar Charger/Controller you can see laying atop the helm. I’ll mount that just to the right of the helm, on the wall but down low enough to monitor it from the chair.

Here’s some nice light at dusk. There’s only one wall panel left to do tomorrow, and it’s a doozy!

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