Yesterday was a banner day for RETROvan fans!

While Olivia and Addie were enjoying the Oregon coast, I finished insulating all eight of the aft wall cavities and even got the port side corner panels installed.

I had fabricated a custom wiring harness to power up the 12V outlets on panel D3, tapping off the dimmer switch cable.

Here’s a shot of four open cavities before I buttoned them up. You can see my iPhone cable successfully testing the Blue Sea Systems USB outlet. So the only two wall panels left are D2 (with the galley plumbing) and P1 (with the helm wiring).

And after Olivia helped me re-install the eight porthole windows, we fired her up and moored her on the RETROpad for the first time.

We celebrated Addie’s birthday there last night around the fire pit, listening to Beck’s new album Colors.

Here’s the view this morning from our dining room. Note the tailgate area behind the RETROvan.


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