From Booth to Berth

Here’s the final design for the RETROvan’s convertible booth/berth cushions:

It’s a 12-cushion set being made by Tricia at The booth is 60 inches long and 24 inches deep with a 6-inch backrest, which means you can stretch out on it, seat four with elbow room, or seat six in a pinch.

The Americana vinyl is black, white and red with contrasting welting.

The decorative clapboard-style headrests are totally custom, for branding purposes. These will be very labor-intensive and I’m making a leap of faith here. As I mentioned before, five or six shops flat out refused to undertake this job, so I was lucky to finally find someone who doesn’t like to say “no.”

The white armrest cushions at the back end of the booths allow you to lean up against the back doors of the van while closed. But they’re loose, so they can be leaned into a chaise lounge position, used for lumbar support, or even as portable cushions for outdoor seating.

The six seat bottom cushions will be attached to my custom bases with Velcro, but they can flip over if one gets damaged. The back cushions will also affix to the walls via Velcro, but when converting the booth to a berth I’ll simply lower the table and lay the back cushions on it. That’s why they’re exactly 13-1/2 inches tall.

The filling is a premium blend of water- and mildew-resistant materials, including a layer of gel-based memory foam. So they should be very comfortable — not to mention expensive. The total cost is $2,944.73 including shipping.

When laid flat, the eight main cushions will form a queen bed: 60 inches wide and 75 inches long. And that means two people might just survive a Zombie Apocalypse (or a weekend at an Oregon beach) in relative comfort.

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