Zoot & Dingo get their own vacuum tubes. These 14-inch bell jars are $50 each on Amazon. Perfect size. And the bases are MDF, so I can drill in the wires for their UV lights.

I also got my first of two 1:6 scale Fender amps today. These will be perfect bases for Ronaldo’s HIWATT heads.

The backs are open, which gives me access for installing the HIWATT vacuum tubes’ wiring, via holes drilled up through the cabinets.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has made epic progress on the 1:6 scale Wurlitzer EP-200 Electric Piano. We had waffled between chocolate and vanilla cabinet colors and settled on vanilla as being more authentic to The Dark Side of the Moon’s Wurly at the Abbey Roads Studio in 1973.

This is the kind of research Ronaldo does. And he’s very good at it. We debated whether that Wurly is beige, or black with deceptive light on it. But we decided beige (or what they called Vanilla) was more retro.