Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Last night Steven made a cheesecake. Yum — especially with cherries on top.

Then we hung out on the RETROpad, enjoying the hot tub, fire pit, music and a few brewskies in the warm drizzle. It was 60° out, which is unseasonable.

This morning, we just chilled on the front porch and decided not to attempt the chrome trim today. Shannon helped me get the RETROvan ready for Thanksgiving dinner and the Cowboys game. Then she learned to throw a spiral on the front lawn.

Here are the two main pieces in place, before the bench seats went in.

Some Trump-colored snackage before dinner. The Cowboys took the day off too, losing 28-6.

And dinner itself, as seen from the RETROcam. Honey Baked Ham, turkey breast, sweet taters, greenie beanies, stuffing and “qua-sons.” Later we played Apples to Apples and Shannon won.

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