SHOT 524

This shot gets cut into and out of a few times in the chaos of Amanda’s departure from the Bunker of Evil. It’s also the third head-swap for Dennis. This one is the alternate, unwigged head that came with his puppet. I painted it with dabs of neon paint and let him swing free with his trusty axe.

Note the placard on his cage, with a reference to Otto Warmbier — may he rest in peace. You and I know the story, but perhaps Ambassador Rodman didn’t when he signed up for this.

During his death throes, Dennis bites onto a cage rail and grinds his teeth along it. After a moment, neon paint comes gushing out of his face. Then his neck separates, leaving his head stuck to the cage while his body collapses below the frame. I did this by dripping a very strong adhesive (LocTite 495) into his mouth and letting it set. The electrical effects were done with a handheld flashlight shot in stop motion.

The horror of it all…