SHOT 505

This is a fun overhead swoop shot, achieved by placing the bunker set on the floor so I could have both side walls up and still reach inside from the top. But that also meant our curious cat Bella had easy access to the open cage end, which was full of bird bones and feathers. “You can look but don’t touch!” Occasionally I would find set pieces missing while shooting these scenes.

Technically, I ramped my iFootage Shark slider along the top of the set box, upside-down, so that my eMotimo Spectrum and Canon camera were underslung — barely skimming the top of the cage and the puppets’ heads. I also bought a special 8mm F/3.0 aspherical fisheye lens for this shot to make the bunker feel big. I couldn’t use that lens for many other shots because it’s super wide angle. But I love the effect.

And my wife loves this shot too!