SHOT 503

Amanda tries to squeeze between the cage and the bunker wall, which was less than three feet at 1:6 scale. The creature is suddenly a cockatoo, grappling at Amanda and even grabbing one of her roller skates for a curious tasting. Having owned a cockatoo decades ago, I do remember that they use their tongues to explore almost everything they can reach.

The skull is part of a complete sulfur-crested cockatoo skeleton I purchased from Skulls Unlimited International for $320. They supply skeletons to museums and other collectors, from animals that have died of natural causes.

I didn’t know this bird of course, but I assume it was a good bird and I named it Dennis. I did splatter most of its bones with neon paint to cover the cage floor. And I’m sure he didn’t mind at all.

That bloody skeleton you see was featured back in Act 3.