SHOT 416

Mona Lisa wraps up her set, while chaos ensues on the floor. The music here was A Real Man by Sleater Kinney.

Funny, during summer vacation, my brilliant musician nephew from Tampa actually said, “You used a Sleater Kinney song?” To which I had to respond, “Yes, they shot a music video directly below my office window here in Portland. Carrie Brownstein is from the PNW, right here.”

This was the most complex animation so far, again with nine puppets in motion excluding Amanda in the top right corner, who is in what they call repose.

Those Marshall stack amplifiers actually work. They are 1:6 scale, except for the knobs — which are meant for guitar players to strap on their belt. Here, I’m just using them for their red LED power lights. Later I’ll use them for my electric ukulele on the front porch when I serenade our deer at happy hour.