SHOT 117

Sushi and James have both watched his hat crash into the flower pots. This is an homage to how, in the old 007 movies, James Bond always showed off his hat-throwing skills to tease Moneypenny. But now he can’t seem to hit the broad side of a minka, let alone a coat rack.

While Sushi never seems to mind that James just used her water fountain as a urinal (perhaps because this isn’t really her house), she did just notice that James’ fly is still wide open.

Now I could have shot that from her POV but we’ve already established that James has a nice dick and there’s no need to belabor that point since we have a story to tell.

Also this is our first hint that Sushi might be — could she be? Topless. Here I use another trick from Austin Powers and the old Pink Panther movies. Over the next few shots I’ll be intentionally obstructing Sushi’s amazingly perky breasts. This trope shall be known henceforth as ‘titillation.’

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