SHOT 109

Note that these interior shots of Amanda’s minka were shot out of order because I used the same set box for the exterior. Shoot all the patio shots first, then reconfigure and shoot the living room. If he were to do it again I would have made the set 4×4 feet and put it in a turntable. Oh well…

Enter the world of Sushi Buffet. She’s putting the final touches on her masterpiece, a mural called Godzilla Arrives that I actually created with my wife at Portland pub’s Paint Night.

All of the 1:6 scale furniture you see here is part of a series of upscale doll house furniture made in China. The craftsmanship is amazing! We’re viewing the living room through an Oriental half moon bed that I built myself from a rosewood kit. I tried to reproduce the wax-like finish on the other pieces, but fell a little short. That bed is actually on another platform across my studio, and the camera tracks through it for forced perspective. We’ll visit the minka’s bedroom later in the film — wink, wink.

Notice the lair is tilted a little off kilter. This is an homage to the original Batman TV show, where we might start to think this woman is up to something nefarious. You’ll see more of that supervillainy goodness later on.

The other thing to note about this shot is the earthquake appears to be happening only outside Sushi’s time and space. And why can we hear that water fountain from inside? Hmmm…

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