Today I installed two LED light strips on the lips of the aft ledge shelves. This is nice because I don’t lose any shelf space, and they’ll illuminate any objets d’art I put up there, like crystal or glassware.

They also reflect off the ceiling, creating a Northern Lights effect. Or I can simulate red-out conditions at night, like in a submarine.

These were only $9 each and they include an inline USB controller. The lights change colors and can blink or animate in patterns. The strips have an adhesive backing and can be cut to length.

I also ordered this “modern retro” Lava Lite sold by Sharper Image. I always had a Lava Lite in my bedroom growing up, and this one reminds me of some Star Trek props. It’ll likely go on the galley, next to the coffee maker. It features a Bluetooth speaker, so I can pump ambient audio loops to it from the iPad on the helm. That audio would be independent of any movie or TV show I might be watching.

“Nomad” from Star Trek – The Changeling


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