Oh no, Tokyo!

Go, go Godzilla. (Yeah) — Blue Oyster Cult

Thursday morning I set up my camera by 7 AM to shoot time lapse of commuters from my third-floor window in the station’s north rotunda. I let it run until my card filled up. I don’t know how it turned out. It was rainy out and I never saw the crowds I was expecting on a workday. The station itself was very crowded, however. And a lot of Japanese were coughing. Lukasz had explained that the masks are commonly used for allergies, but I have my doubts.

I returned to Starbucks and the same little barista girl actually recognized me. “Good morning, would you like the same as yesterday?” I was floored. “Yes please, plus an American waffle.” I was fortunate to show her that I could be booger-free for at least one morning.

I mailed my postcards and packed up. I had planned to go for a walk but felt like a bit more sleep was in order before checking out at noon.

I’m now on the Narita Express making the one-hour run to the airport. The train is very comfortable. My flight to Manila is at 5:30 PM on Delta. There are travel advisories in effect for the Philippines now so Trump probably said something stupid about Duterte or some shit. Will tread lightly there.

In fact, Delta’s check-in agent advised me that when I depart Manila to Tokyo next week, I’m to expect “triple security.” So something’s up between the two island nations. She issued my return flight documents as a precaution.

I’ve still got over ¥31,000 in my pocket but there’s time for a nice meal at Narita. I also need a couple more SD cards for my camera and drone. Eric says they might be cheaper in Manila. So if I don’t spend all my Yen here I’ll just exchange it for Pesos.

So yeah, I got ripped off pretty good by Travelex converting Yen to Pesos. But at least now I have $210 worth in case I need to bribe someone when I land in Manila. The trip so far is well under budget, unlike Cuba.

With time to spare, I found a nice little diner in the international terminal and had their fried pork cutlet with cabbage and rice surrounded by a gaggle of Hong Kong stewardesses. The Kirin was good as always and I’ve grown fond of Japanese architecture. So simple and elegant — even at the airport. They do try to please, always.

In a gift shop I scored a nice Godzilla t-shirt in my size. And it was ¥11,000 less to boot.

Now I’m waiting to board my long flight to Manila. I panicked a bit after security because all the signs said “Immigration” and no gates were visible. The correct word is “Emigration” when you leave a country. It turns out all the departure gates are downstairs. But still, the signage sucks here for gaijin.

Sayonara, Japan!

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