My Next Toy

Despite all the naïve controversy stirred up by digital snobs, I’m getting pretty excited about Kodak’s new Super 8mm movie camera and film processing model.

This gadget will fit in nicely with my Scenario RETROfilm business plan, allowing me to integrate new interviews or other nostalgic footage into home movies that are 50 years old, preserving the same retro aesthetic without some cheap digital filter.

You can learn more about it on Kodak’s website. I love their processing model. You buy the film in 50-foot cartridges. It’s expensive, but that includes shipping, digital processing and hosting. That allows you to begin working with your footage before you get the physical film back from the lab.

The camera should roll out in October at between $2,500 and $3,000. There are four types of film cartridge, priced at $30. There are also interchangeable lens and lots of connectivity options. Super 8 Sound always sucked, but you can plug a digital microphone into this camera and capture audio on an SD card.

This is all a godsend for those of us who grew up living and breathing Super 8, turning our parents’ garages into studios.

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