Electrical? Check!

Today I really enjoyed using the new steps. They make getting in and out of the RETROvan so much easier, centered between two pairs of hops barrels.

This morning I replaced the refrigerator’s Leviton plug with a dual GFCI outlet. Not only can I plug another 24/7 load into it (in this case the dehumidifier), but this type of outlet is inherently safer. It will not operate unless it detects that the circuit is properly grounded. Which in this case, it is. All the ground wires eventually lead back to a screw on the steel frame inside cavity P1.

Next up, I popped off ceiling panel T7 in the back, drilled some holes and installed rubber grommets. Then connected up the RETROcam’s 12V-to-5V converter and Ethernet cables through that ceiling cavity. No easy task, single-handed. I forgot to take a photo of this but it looks (and works) great.

And finally, I spent most of the afternoon cutting 6-inch blocks of 2-inch thick insulation for the corner cavities. While this looked nice and neat at first, I soon realized that I was cramming all the wiring up against the hull, which gets blazing hot in the summer.

So I changed it so that all of the cables are on the inside, protected from the elements and a bit more accessible if I ever need to make repairs. The photo above is over the helm wall panel, which is like Grand Central Station. Not only is that were the main 120V and 12V trunks are, it’s also where my new AppRadio auxiliary audio cable hole and the HDTV powered antenna jack goes. And that antenna can now drive two TVs at once.

After reinstalling all the corner panels, here’s how she looks. Now I think the electrical is all done. I just need to do some simple cable management on everything I can’t easily hide behind the TV mount. That’ll mostly mean using some fancy twist ties made for AV equipment.

Here’s the driver’s side, all buttoned up again. You can see the insulation panels leaned up against panel D2, which is where the galley sink goes. That’s my next major task, once I find the right fittings to make it all work. But at least now I can get all the leftover insulation out of our garage. I’m guessing I used about 200 square feet in total.

To the right of the medicine cabinet, out of view, is the galley power strip. I cut the holes and installed it today as well. That strip will service the dual ovens in the galley cabinets. It’s on its own dedicated circuit because ovens are power monsters.

But yeah, did I mention the electrical is finally ALL DONE?! Time to chillax with a cold brew and enjoy Olivia’s world famous lasagna. We’ll probably watch the Cowboys/Falcons game out on the RETROpad tomorrow if it’s not too rainy. Hot tubbin’ time too!

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