Bubble Dome Skylight?

I’m still exploring the concept of a submarine theme. Specifically, this:

Note how the front windows are similar to my rig’s. But of course, the most notable feature is that crow’s nest bubble dome. I found a place that vacuum-forms domed skylights out of acrylic for a few hundred bucks. You can order them in any size and thickness, and they look like this:

Such a dome could be mounted (and carefully sealed) over my cockpit. A 36-inch diameter would increase my overall vehicle height by 18 inches. So that means staying very aware about low-hanging obstacles when driving around. Most gas station canopies are tall enough for bigger RVs, so I’m not overly concerned. An air conditioning unit will add some height anyway, but not as much.

From the inside, we’d have a great view of the trees and stars. Taller folks would have a comfortable place to stand and a step stool would afford some good 360° observation in case of zombie and/or hipster attacks.


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