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4192 South Riverboat Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123
September 2009 to April 2011 (1 year, 8 months)
Senior Mobile Developer

  • ntouch Mobile 1.0 for iOS — a two-way video streaming app for sign language users and translators
  • Video Center 1.0-1.2 for iOS — a universal app for accessing SignMail video messages
  • BuzzCards 1.0 for iOS — a simple app designed to assist the deaf in face-to-face scenarios

This was easily my most rewarding job, and the one I most regret leaving. I took great pride in learning about the deaf community, and helping to empower them by building very sophisticated mobile videoconferencing apps as team lead. My legacy at Sorenson was to lead by example and set the bar high. I was notorious for redefining “agile,” for fierce innovation and for proving that the word “impossible” can be a great motivator.