Scenario Poker

Scenario Software

Scenario Poker was a very popular Mac OS X Dashboard Widget. It allowed you to play Texas Hold ’em tournaments against simulated opponents, with limit betting which made the action fast-paced. The game tracked your statistics so you could see your skills improve.

Scenario Poker was one of the few Dashboard Widgets to sell for $5 a copy. And despite the fact that it wasn’t free, Scenario Poker reached #1 on Apple’s Top Dashboard Widgets list not once, but twice! It was also named MacWorld Magazine’s “Widget of the Month.”

Scenario Poker was written entirely in JavaScript and was later re-published as the first game designed specifically for the original iPhone. That was long before the iPhone SDK became available mind you, so it ran in the Safari mobile browser as a Web 2.0 app. Did that version work? Yes—as long as you kept an Internet connection long enough to cache all the images.

Scenario Poker was retired several years ago, as the Dashboard is barely supported by Apple anymore. The game was rewritten as a native iOS app and published in the App Store as Club Scenario.

Scenario Poker™ is trademarked and copyrighted © by Scenario Software. All rights reserved.