Scenario Software & Electronic Arts

PowerPOKER™ 1.0 to 1.1 for Mac
published March 26, 1994

PowerPOKER was published by Electronic Arts in 1994, after which it won MacWorld Magazine’s “Best Sports Game of 1995” award. Yep, that was long before the World Series of Poker hit it big on ESPN and Texas Hold ’em became the game of choice worldwide.

PowerPOKER was the first Mac game to feature synthesized speech and QuickTime video clips. It enabled multiple users to play 80 different poker games over an AppleTalk network. PowerPOKER was written in Pascal and it featured a general scripting architecture, which allowed the user to define their own dealer’s choice poker games. The AI would actually learn how to play them over time.

PowerPOKER™ is copyright © 1994 by Scenario Software. All rights reserved.