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released August 25, 2011

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Who says you can’t multitask on an iPad?

For the price of a movie ticket, you can put your own home theater on your nightstand, desk, kitchen counter— or right in your lap.

MEGAPLEX allows you to stream videos over your Wi-Fi network directly from your Mac’s iTunes library to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. There you can enjoy them while surfing the web in the app’s built-in browser.

MEGAPLEX includes easy-to-follow instructions for how to set up your own media server using Mac OS X, iTunes and free video converter software.

MEGAPLEX enables random access to your movies, TV shows and music videos on the fly, without wasting time syncing large files and taking up space on your device. It can even remember where you left off in each video.

MEGAPLEX’s built-in web browser also detects lists of compatible video files on any web page you browse to, and enables you to import them as “video bookmarks” for later enjoyment.

MEGAPLEX’s interface resembles a movie theater’s digital marquee and velvet curtains. Each video’s aspect ratio is respected precisely, but you can always switch to a full-screen view if you prefer.

Please note that only Mac OS X is supported. Windows is NOT supported, so please don’t purchase this app if you aren’t using a Mac to manage your iTunes library.

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