McDonalds Logo

3805 E Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, California 91362
1978 to 1980
Swing Manager

The Backstory

This was a very fun time of my life. McDonald’s helped teach me some responsibility while attending Westlake High School‘s first graduating class in 1980. I loved riding my 1979 Honda Express II moped to work in the fog to open the store for breakfast.

1979 Honda Express II
My 1979 Honda Express II was just like this one.

I have fond memories of riding mopeds with my friends through Malibu Canyon to Zuma Beach on the weekends. I later earned enough money at McDonald’s to buy my first car, a new 1979 Toyota Celica Liftback.

Legendary first baseman Steve Garvey used to frequent this McDonald’s so I’m sure I got to ask him, “Do you want fries with that?” at some point during the Los Angeles Dodgers’ World Series run.

We played a lot of touch football and coed softball. In fact we won a championship in both leagues.

I was big into amateur filmmaking at the time, and McDonald’s was the perfect set. My friends and I made three really bad 8mm films, which I might decide to post here someday:

  • Mr. Bill as The Trainee
  • McDonald’s: Turned Inside Out
  • Night Shift (The McDonaldland Horror)

It’s a wonder we never got fired…