The Other Way ‘Round

Lyrics from Blaspheme by tOdd

Big, blue and green, round and clean
Stir in some Sea-Monkeys, enjoy the scene
Watch them build, watch them destroy
It was my favorite educational toy

I called it “Earth” and won third prize
Give it a good spin, let’s see who flies
Didn’t know how much fun was in store
The day the little buggers started to war

Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews
Who knows what weapon they’ll choose?
The enlightened ones strive to steer clear
Those few who realize mortality is dear

Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat

So easy to mess with, so easy to fool
I decided to let them try self rule
They made up stories, they made up lies
Kings always conspire to oppress the wise

They sold the masses on false hope
Lining the pockets of prophets and popes
Yet none of them would dare to explain
Why anyone would worship a Lord of Pain

Babies with cancer, famine and floods
But you and Me—hey, we’re best buds!
You praise Me when you find your keys
Just don’t ask who made grandma wheeze

Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat

Who Me? All-seeing and all-knowing?
Your collective ignorance is mind-blowing
Trust Me, I’ve got better things to do
Than feed selfish little trolls like you

Time to replenish the Earth, you say?
Yeah, maybe I’ll get ’round to it one day
Raise a glass to the sun and see who fries
Start over again—shoot for first prize

Even fresh out of Sea-Monkey College
You need Us to fill gaps in your knowledge
But there can be no other explanation:
We gods live only in your imagination

Or hmmm, is it the other way ’round…

Rinse and repeat
Rinse and repeat
Now spit.

Copyright 2016 by tOdd. All rights reserved.

Image credit unknown. Sea-Monkeys® is a registered trademark of Transcience Corporation.