Abominations with a Side of Death

Lyrics from Blaspheme by tOdd

Don’t ever get caught cheating
Or there’ll be a public beating
Not only is adultery an abomination
You both shall be stoned to death

Don’t lie with the sheep, goat or llama
Or you defile your dear old mama
Erotic zoos are an abomination
You and the beasts shall be slayed

No more parades with rainbow flags
Reverend Phelps and I do hate fags
Lie with a man as you do with a woman
And you shall be put to death

Don’t lieth with your father’s wife
Don’t lieth with your daughter-in-law
They say incest is best, but give it a rest
Their blood shall surely be upon them

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live
Women and wizards of familiar spirit
They shall surely be put to death
Stone them with stones


Copyright 2016 by tOdd. All rights reserved.