Abominations Unto Me

Lyrics from Blaspheme by tOdd

Something that causes disgust or hatred.

Let’s start with cross-dressing
Don’t want to keep good folks guessing
So you’ll never get My blessing
You pervs are abominations

Let’s talk about your diet
See that oyster? Don’t bake it or fry it
See that owl? Don’t even try it
Or you’re an abomination

Don’t worship another idol
Unless you’re feeling suicidal
Graven images make Me homicidal
They’re abominations too

Don’t go and serve other gods
Don’t worship the moon or the sun
Don’t allow such wickedness in your village
Abominations aren’t much fun

I always know when you’re lying
Your story, I’m just not buying
So think twice about complying
Deception is an abomination

Don’t think about remarriage
Or I’ll whip up a miscarriage
You’ll die alone—but don’t disparage
That beats being an abomination

Hey, don’t sacrifice that blemished ox!
The one I just gave smallpox
And no more sheep with bad hocks
Bring Me a fresh one—not an abomination

Don’t lie with a woman who’s “unclean”
(And I think you know what I mean)
Wait till she’s had time to preen
Or else she’s an abomination

Never get caught short-weighting
That scale must always be equating
Keep your thumb off when calculating
Or that’s an abomination

Don’t gouge on interest while lending
Or Me, you will be offending
My regulations aren’t for the bending
Usury is (usually) an abomination

Copyright 2016 by tOdd. All rights reserved.

Image credit unknown.